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Alisa is both a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Professional Art Therapist. She works with adults, youth and children to help them overcome various challenges including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship conflict, and grief & loss.

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A Word From Alisa


Anxiety, grief, and despair are natural occurrences we all experience from time to time. But sometimes, it can feel like too much to handle alone. A respectful, empathic and collaborative counselling relationship can help you feel less alone with what is weighing you down. Together, we will work to open new avenues of awareness that foster self-healing and personal growth. We will work to make sense of your experiences, safely attend to areas holding pain, and connect you to your inherent wisdom. I hope to cultivate an environment that encourages authenticity and to draw on your unique strengths so you can better conquer what you are facing. Whether you are looking for professional support for yourself or for your child, it would be my privilege to support you along the way.


You may be looking for support with..

Grief & Loss
Inner Child
Shadow Work
Disordered Eating