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Confidentiality & Your Rights


All interactions with the counselling services I provide, including scheduling of or attendance at appointments, content of your sessions, progress in counselling, and your records are confidential. No record of counselling is contained in any academic, educational, or job placement file. You may request in writing that I release specific information about your counselling to persons you designate.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

As a counsellor, there are some instances we have an ethical responsibility to break confidentiality. They are the following:

  1. When there is an imminent danger to an identifiable third party or to the self;

  2. When a counsellor suspects abuse or neglect of a child;

  3. When a disclosure is ordered by court;

  4. When a client requests disclosure, or

  5. When a client files a complaint or claims professional liability by the counsellor in a lawsuit.

  6. Please note: if you use platforms such as social media to contact me, I am unable to guarantee confidentiality.

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