Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us.

- David Richo

Below are some of the reasons you may be seeking a therapist for yourself or your child and how I can help.

Living with anxiety can feel exhausting and debilitating. Although we all experience anxiety from time to time (sometimes, it can even be helpful!) you don't want it to feel like it's getting in the way of your everyday life. Maybe anxiety is holding you back from enjoying a relationship or experience. Maybe it's stopping you from doing things you used to enjoy, or want to enjoy. However it's manifesting in your life, anxiety can feel like a beast to tackle alone. Together, we will work to get to the root of the anxiety and learn coping tools to manage it effectively- for good. 


Depression can make you feel like it's impossible to imagine that something can be done to help you. Depression by its very nature is isolating, but you don't need to walk through it alone. You may be experiencing depressive symptoms if you struggle to connect with close ones,  experience low motivation, low energy, suicidal ideation, persistent feelings of sadness or struggle to take enjoyment in previously enjoyable activities. These symptoms may vary from person to person. They may be prolonged, in response to a hardship, or for reasons you just can't seem to understand. Together, we can unpack what's going on, challenge those negative thought patterns and come up with a plan to tackle depression. 


* If you are experiencing suicidal ideation and have a plan to act on them, please call 1-800-SUICIDE, available 24/7 in British Columbia. 

Relationship Conflict

Relationships can be complex, and the conflict experienced can take many forms including trust issues, boundary issues, parenting challenges, communication problems, intimacy struggles (emotional and/or sexual), or conflict around power/control. 

Whether you are experiencing conflict with a family member, child, romantic partner, coworker or friend, I'm here to help you move through it. We will work together to help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and others so your relationships can work through conflict in a healthy way. 

Grief & Loss

Grief is a natural part of dealing with the loss of a loved one, a situation, or a way in which we see ourselves. Loss requires that we change the way things used to be and find a new way to restructure our lives accordingly. As a therapist, I can help you better understand the grief process as well as provide a space to honour who or what you are grieving. 

Life Transitions

We are creatures of habit. We crave stability and resist change. When something happens to disrupt this stability, we can become easily discombobulated and it’s normal to need support. Life transitions on paper can often read as positive (birth of a new child), or negative (divorce). However, we know that life is far more complex than this. A transition that is viewed as a joyous one, may not feel so joyous. A transition that is perceived as negative may in fact bring feelings of relief. Of course, this can go both ways and often can be a combination of confusing thoughts and emotions. No matter what transition in your life you are experiencing, I'm here to walk it with you. 


Experiencing psychological trauma can effect our mind, body and behaviour. There are varying degrees of trauma that a person can experience. It may have been one event or a reoccurring one. Trauma that both children and adults may experience include but are not limited to: parental abandonment or neglect, physical, verbal or sexual abuse, witnessing an act of violence or a death, family separation, illness or injury, oppression, poverty and forced displacement.  Regardless of when the trauma was experienced, the mark can stay with us and manifest in different ways that may include anxiety, depression, somatic symptoms, nightmares, anger/irritability, guilt/shame, and feelings of disconnect from ourselves, others and our physical environment. These symptoms are often our body's response to being in survival mode. However, our bodies and brains are resilient. Together, we can process what you have been through so you can regain a sense of control over your life and an increased understanding of your experiences.   

Art & Play Therapy

As a professional art therapist and a trained play therapist, I'm able to support children in a way that is unique to their language. Children often struggle to verbalize what they are experiencing, but they intuitively can work through difficult emotions and experiences through art and play. A trained therapist can safely guide your child to express and process upsetting thoughts, feelings or memories.

I'm passionate about child development and connecting with each unique child to tap into their inherent strengths, courage and wisdom. A holistic and consistent approach is most effective when working with each child. This is why my communication and collaboration with you, the person who knows your child best, is of the highest importance.  Together, we can work through challenges such as parenting conflicts, behavioural challenges, self-esteem struggles, traumatic experiences, fears & anxieties, grief and family transitions. 

Self Exploration

Sometimes certain events, feelings of boredom or stagnation, conflicts and important life decisions require us to dig deep and look inward. For many people, this may not be something that is comfortable or natural. As a therapist, I can help with this. Whether it's a big decision regarding a partnership, career change, career planning, dream-work or a desire to learn more about yourself, we can work together in safe and creative ways to uncover your authentic strengths, values and desires. 


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